Last updated: 2nd June 2019

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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With an 'eye' to discover the various facets of photography to charting his course in to the realm of digital and motion photography, Ayush Das (Founder & Creative director) has come a long way.


He has grown from being inspired by the Pierre Poulani school of photography into exploring his own niche. His works focus on people from all walks and shades of life. He effortlessly shifts from capturing monochromatic stills to displaying a pallet of colours in action. Moreover, his creation's encompass an interesting amalgamation of romanticism and reality, coupled with technical expertise and a far reaching vision. One can easily spot his juxtaposition of brands, celebrity weddings and 'telly' vision along with the daily stream of activities.


This photojournalist excels at weaving in the fanfare, festivity and fervour of a wedding through his lens. Not only do his pictures showcase a montage of emotions but also emit a vibrant sepia of colours. 


Be it the celebration of art or connecting with the cultural diaspora his photography will render you with a detailed perspective on every aspect of the society, in a refined manner.

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